Discover the advantages of an intelligent online digital exchange.

DDX provides features and capabilities that will streamline your specialist referral workflow.

Eliminate common errors; improve communication between your specialists, practice and the patient; and help keep patient information safe and secure.
  • Comprehensive patient case management to track and archive all of a patient’s lab and specialist casework in a single system.
  • Support for a variety of dental specialties: Endodontics; Oral Surgery; Orthodontics; Periodontics; Pedodontics; and Prosthodontics.

  • Easy file attachment allows you to quickly upload and attach all kinds of digital files and other types of information. Attached files are saved with referral details to create a comprehensive case view.
  • Case notes allow you to share additional notes and choose from a list of common saved notes to avoid retyping. Case notes are saved with referral details to create a comprehensive case view
  • Complete case archives allow you to search for and access every referral you’ve entered into the DDX system – whether it was last week or seven years ago.
  • Easy integration with popular practice management software.

DDX is ready to help you

You can create your free DDX account and start submitting cases online in around five minutes.

“Now, I can just click a button right in Dentrix, and the lab prescription is pre-populated with all of my patient’s info. I attach an impression scan, click Submit, and I’m done. It takes seconds. It’s saved me and my team a huge amount of time with prescriptions. I’d say it’s cut 30% of our calls to check on return dates. And it’s free.”

Fred Peck, DDS

“DDX has enabled my data entry people to become customer service people.”

Rob Lash, President, Moskey Dental Laboratories